Angular 2 Interview Questions and Answers

Angular 4 Interview Questions and Answers - [Angular 4 and Ionic 3 Charts]

What Is Angular 4? What Is Angular CLI?
What's New in Angular 4? Why Use Angular 4?
How to Setup Angular 4 Development Environment?What are the “Great Advantages” of Angular 4?
What Is Bootstrapping in Angular? What Is Architecture Overview of Angular?
How to Upgrade Web Applications from Angular2 to Angular4? How to Set Http Request Header in Angular 4?
What are differences between Angular 4 and Angular 2? What Is the forRoot Method in Angular4?
What is If-Else-and-Then Conditions in Angular4?What Is the Difference Between [ngFor] and [ngForOf]?
What Are Isolated Unit Tests? What Are Angular Testing Utilities?
Isolated Unit Tests vs. Angular Testing Utilities! What classes should I add to module's declarations?
What classes should I not add to module's declarations in Angular 4?What Happen when I Import the same Module Twice?
Angular 4 Grid with CRUD operations What Is Angular Router? What’s New Angular 4 Router?
Angular 4 Error Handling - Logging, Retry Request and HttpCache! How to Handling Error and Logging it?
How to Implement Http Cache using Interceptors in Angular 4? How To handle and retry the failed request due to Poor Network Connection in Angular 4?
How to Validate Form in Angular 4? How to Validate Password and Confirm Password in Angular 4?
How To Handle XSS or CSRF Attacks in Angular 4 ? How can XSS be done in an Angular application? How can we fix it?
How Angular Apps Prevent this Attack? How Google Handles Security in Angular 4 Applications?
How Are JWTs Used to Authenticate Angular 4 Applications?What is JSON Web Token?
What Is Angular CLI? How To Updating Angular CLI? How to Update to Angular 5?

What Is Sross Site Scripting (XSS) Attack? How Angular Prevents Sross Site Scripting (XSS)?
How Angular Protects Us From XSS Attacks? How To Handle XSS Vulnerability Scenarios in Angular?
How To Bypass Angular XSS Protection? How To sanitize a value manually?
How To Handle XSS Vulnerability Scenarios in AngularJs? How Prevents HTML DOM Based Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks?
Angular Security Principles - Angular Security! Attacker's Malicious Scripts and Code – Vulnerability!
How To Validate Email in Angular 4 using formGroup or Custom RegExp? What Is Pipes? Why Use Pipes in Angular?
What is Cookie Based Authentication in Angular 4? What is Token Based Authentication in Angular 4?
Angular 4 Cookie vs Token Authentication? What Are Events Binding in Angular 4?
How To Get Actions of Event Binding in Angular 4? What Is Property Binding? How To Achive in Angular ?
How To Open Dialog Box in Angular 4? How To CREATE Datepicker in Angular 4?
What's New in HttpClient and HttpClientModule in Angular? How To use HttpClientModule in Angular?
HttpClient vs HttpClientModule How To Set Authorization Headers in GET/POST/PUT requests in Angular?
How To Add CSS Styles in Angular 5/4 Applications? How To Use Angular Datepicker in Angular 5/4 Applications?
Angular 4/5 ng build vs. ng serve Commands What Is APP_BASE_HREF in Angular 4/5?
What Is HttpInterceptor in Angular?What Is Cross Site Script Inclusion (XSSI)?
What Is Modular View Engine Architecture? How To Open and Close Modal Popup Using Typescript and Bootstrap?

Angular 4 Charts - Line, Bar, Pie, Doughnut

Angular 4 - Pie Chart Angular 4 - Bar Chart
Angular 4 - Doughnut Chart Angular 4 - Line Chart

Ionic 3 with Angular 4 Charts

Ho To Install Charts in Angular 4 using Ionic 3 CLI? How to Create Bar charts in Angular 4 using Ionic 3 CLI?
How to Create doughnut charts in Angular 4 using Ionic 3 CLI? How to Create Line charts in Angular 4 using Ionic 3 CLI?

Angular 4 Kendo UI

Setting Up Kendo UI in Angular 4 Project How To Use Kendo UI Grid in Angular 4 Project?
How To CREATE Dialog Box in Angular 4 Project? How To CREATE Kendo UI DropDownList in Angular 4?
How To CREATE Kendo UI ComboBox in Angular 4?

Ionic 3 with Angular 4 Docs

How to Setup and Install Ionic Framework with Angular 4? How To Build Mobile Apps using Ionic 3 CLI and Angular 4?
How To Starting Angular 4 Apps using Ionic 3 CLI Commands? How To Viewing the Angular 4 Apps in a Browser Using Ionic 3 CLI?
List of Useful Ionic 3 CLI Commands? How To Generating New Pages in Angular 4 Apps using Ionic 3 CLI?
How To Generating New Pipes, Tabs, Components and Pages using Ionic 3 CLI in Angular 4? How To Do Login and Logout using Ionic 3 and Angular 4?

Angular 5 Fundamental Concepts

What's New In Angular 5? What Is the Difference Between Angular 4 and Angular 5?
57 Best Advantages of Angular 5! Angular 5 Router Life Cycle Events

Angular 2 Fundamental Concepts

Introduction of Angular 2 Setup Angular 2 in .NET MVCAdvantages of Angular 2
The Major Changes of Angular 2 Component Life-cycle HooksSupport of Modern Browsers
Angular 2 Vs. Angular 1 Angular 4 Vs. Angular 2 Constructors Vs. OnInit
Use of ngInit and ngOnInit ngOnInit() Vs. Constructors HTTP Cookies
Dependency Injection (DI) Inject() Vs. Injectable() Features and Benefits
Bindings in Angular 2Initialize an Array in Angular 2TypeScript Tutorial - The Fundamental Concepts!

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