Angular 5 vs Angular 6

Angular 6 Ivy Renderer

What Is Ivy Renderer?
The new Ivy renders and it’s not stable for now and it’s only in beta version. It will stable in future for production.

Ivy Renderer is new rendering engine which is designed to be backward compatible with existing render and focused to improve the speed of rendering and it optimizes the size of the final package.

The main goal of Ivy render is to speed up its loading time and reduce the bundle size of your applications. Also for uses a different approach for rendering Angular components.

For Angular, this will not be default renderer, but you can manually enable it in compiler options.

New Ivy engine in Angular 6 -
1.      Smaller builds
2.      Faster rebuild times
3.      Faster development
4.      A simpler, more hack-able pipeline

5.      Human readable code

For more detail kindly refer the Angular 6

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