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What Is Angular Parameterizing Pipe?

What Is Parameterizing Pipe?
A pipe can accept any number of optional parameters to achieve output. The parameter value can be any valid template expressions. To add optional parameters follow the pipe name with a colon (:). Its looks like- currency: 'INR'

In the following example –
<h2>The birthday is - {{ birthday | date:"MM/dd/yy" }} </h2>
<!-- Output - The birthday is - 10/03/1984 -->

What Is Chaining Pipe?
The chaining Pipe is used to perform the multiple operations within the single expression. This chaining operation will be chained using the pipe (I).

In the following example, to display the birthday in the upper case- will need to use the inbuilt date-pipe and upper-case-pipe.

In the following example –
{{ birthday | date | uppercase}}
<!-- The output is - MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1984 -->

For more detail kindly refer the -https://www.code-sample.com/2018/05/angular-5-6-7-pipes-decorator.html

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