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What is Angular Router and Router module?

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What is Angular Router?
An Angular Router is a tool, library that configures navigations between states and views within your Angular app.

The Routing library is written and maintained by the Angular Core Team.

Angular router has own library package - @angular/router.
import {RoutesRouterModule,}  from '@angular/router';

The basic concept of Angular Router and It allows you to -
1.      Redirect a URL to another URL
2.      Resolve data before a page is displayed
3.      Run scripts when a page is activated or deactivated
4.      Lazy load parts of our application

The router supports both styles with two LocationStrategy providers -
1.      PathLocationStrategy— this is the default style.
2.      HashLocationStrategy— adds the route path to the hash (#) in the browser’s URL.

What is Router module?
The Router module is a module that provides the necessary service providers and directives for navigating one view to other in the application.


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