Linq Distinct on a particular Property

LINQ Tutorial for beginners in ASP.Net C# Examples

What, Why and How LINQ?

What is LINQ? Why LINQ? What are LINQ Query and Method Syntax?
What is Lambda expression? LINQ Architecture In ASP.Net?
LINQ Advantages and Disadvantages? What is LINQ API?
Understanding Var and IEnumerablewith LINQ IEnumerable Vs. IList
IEnumerable Vs. IQueryable

LINQ - Query Operators

Where OfType OrderBy and OrderByDescending
ThenBy and ThenByDescending Select All and Any
Contains Aggregate Average
GroupBy ToLookup Join
GroupJoin Sum Max
ElementAt and ElementAtOrDefault First and FirstOrDefault Last and LastOrDefault
Single and SingleOrDefault Skip and SkipWhile Take and TakeWhile
SequenceEqual Concat Empty and DefaultIfEmpty
Range Repeat Distinct
Except Intersect Union
Conversion Intersect Union

LINQ - Query Operators

LINQ Expression and Expression Tree LINQ - Deferred and Immediate Execution
LINQ - Let and Into Keyword

Type of LINQ

LINQ - SQL LINQ - Objects LINQ - Dataset
LINQ - XML LINQ – Entities

LINQ Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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