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Node.js Interview Questions and Answers

Q4. Is Node.js is free?
Q7. Can a user access DOM in a Node.js?
Q10. What are streams in Node.js?
Q11. What is a Piping in Node.js?
Q12. Which framework is most commonly used in Node.js?
Q13. What is an asynchronous API in Node.js?
Q14. What are the two types of API functions in Node.js?
Q15. Is Node.js a single threaded application?
Q17. What tool and IDE is used for Node.js?
Q18. What does event driven programming mean?
Q19. What is an Event Loop?
Q20. What is an Event Emmitter?
Q21. What is the use of Underscore variable in REPL?
Q22. What is the package.json and name of attributes?
Q23. What are local installations of dependencies?
Q24. What are global installations of dependencies?
Q25. How to check the already installed dependencies using npm?
Q26. How to uninstall the dependency using npm?
Q27. How to update the dependency using npm?
Q28. What is a callback?
Q29. What is a callback hell?
Q30. What is an error-first callback?
Q31. What is a blocking code in Node.js?
Q32. How prevents blocking code in Node.js?
Q33. What we use buffer class in Node.js?
Q34. What are the purposes of console object in Node.js?
Q35. What are the purposes of process object in Node.js
Q36. In Node.js, which module is used for file based operations?
Q37. In Node.js, which module is used for buffer based operations?
Q38. In Node.js, which module is used for web based operations?
Q39. What are differences between synchronous and asynchronous method of fs module?
Q40. What is the name of the flags used in read/write operation on files?
Q41. How many types of streams are available in Node.js?
Q42. What is the name of the events fired by streams?
Q43. What is chaining in Node.js?
Q44. How do you read a file using Node.js?
Q45. How do you write a file using Node.js?
Q46. How do you open a file using Node.js?
Q47. How do you close a file using Node.js?
Q48. How do you get information of a file using Node.js?
Q49. How do you truncate a file using Node.js?
Q50. How do you delete a file using Node.js?
Q51. How do you create a directory using Node.js?
Q52. How do you delete a directory using Node.js?
Q53. How do you read a directory using Node.js?
Q54. What is the use of setInterval() function in Node.js?
Q55. What is the use of setTimeout() function in Node.js?
Q56. What is the use of clearTimeout() function in Node.js?
Q57. What are the uses of __filename and __dirname variables in Node.js?
Q58. What is the use of variable in Node.js?
Q59. What is control flow function?
Q60. Explain the steps how “Control Flow” controls the functions calls?
Q61. How do you access the last expression in Node.js?
Q62. What do you mean by the term I/O in Node.js?
Q63. How to get Post Data in Node.js?
Q64. How to make Post request in Node.js?
Q65. What are the fundamental difference between Node.js and Ajax?
Q66. Which command is used to import external libraries in Node.js?
Q67. How to handle the “Unhandled exceptions” in Node.js?


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