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Best 101 WPF Tutorial | Controls | Interview Questions and Answers!

Introduction to WPF

Why WPF? What Is WPF? .NET Frameworks
WPF Overview Application and Window A Simple WPF Application
Using Visual Studio 2015 Brushes Panels

About XAML

Role of XAML Elements and Attributes Namespaces
Property Elements Type Converters Content Property

WPF Controls

Button Label TextBox
ToolTip RadioButton CheckBox
ListBox ComboBox DataGrid(CRUD Operation)


Sizing Positioning Transforms
Canvas StackPanel WrapPanel
DockPanel Grid Scrolling and Scaling


Message Boxes Custom Modal Dialogs Custom Modeless Dialogs

Menus and Commands

Menus Context Menus Icons on Menu Items
Commands Keyboard Shortcuts Disabling Menu Items
Checking Menu Items

Toolbars and Status Bars

Toolbars Toolbars and Commands Status Bars

Dependency Properties and Routed Events

Dependency Properties Change Notification Property Value Inheritance
Support for Multiple Providers Routed Events Routing Strategies


Resources in WPF Binary Resources Logical Resources
Static versus Dynamic Resources

Styles, Templates, Skins and Themes

Styles Style Inheritance Triggers
Templates Templated Parent’s Properties Skins

Data Binding

Binding Sources Handling property change notifications Sharing Sources with Data Context
Data Templates Value Converters Collection Views
Data Providers Conversion and validation CRUD Operation using Observable collection

Event Handling in WPF

Overview of events Bubbling events Tunnelling events

Multithreading & WPF

Multithreading with the dispatcher BackgroundWorker Tracking progress
Supporting cancellation

MVVM and Prism Design Patterns

Overview of MVVM Overview of Prism MVVM implementation with Prism

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