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Angular 4

What Is Angular 4 or 5 or 6?

Angular is a most popular web development framework for developing mobile apps as well as desktop applications.

Angular framework is also utilized in the cross platform mobile development called IONIC and so it is not limited to web apps only.

Angular is an open source framework written and maintained by angular team at Google and the Father of Angular is Misko Hevery.

Misko Hevery - Agile Coach at Google, Attended Santa Clara University and Lives in Saratoga, CA.

Angular is written in TypeScript and so it comes with all the capabilities that typescript offers.

You don’t worry about the TypeScript versions. The compiler manages to the versioning related problems and Angular team working with Traceur compiler team to provide the support to build some extensions.
Keep and try to upgrading Angular, the Angular’s community has announced Angular releases in every 6 months and its looks like -
ü  Angular 5 is in Oct 2017
ü  Angular 6 is in Mar 2018 and
ü  Angular 7 is in Oct 2018
ü  And so on

What Is Angular Prerequisites?
Before you can install Angular 4 or 5, you must need to have some prerequisites.
ü  You must to have Node.js installed.
ü  You must to have NPM (Node Package Manager) installed.

  node -v

Noted Points -
We need to setup our machine’s local environments which are the following.
ü  node.js >= 6.9.x
ü  npm >= 3.x.x
ü  Visual Studio Code or Atom
ü  And so on

Don’t worry about the same, please visit on the official website and download the installer-

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