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47 Best AngularJs Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is AngularJs?
The angularjs is a JavaScript [MVW || MV*framework and Its maintain by Google. The most of use to creating to single-page applications (SPA) with the MVC pattern. Its used for both client-side and server-side web application etc.



The MVW || MV* stand for "Model-View-Whatever".

We considering the "MVC", "MVVM", "MVP" but angularjs is more closer to MVC pattern, I would guess "whatever works for you!" , "Model-View-Whatever".

Some people are stand to MVW and some are MV*  :)

The main features are given below.

     1. Its support both type of binding one-way and two-way data bindings.

     2. Its support MVC pattern.
     3. Its support static template and angular template.
     4. You can add custom directives.
     5. Its support REST full services.
     6. Its support form validations.
     7. Its support both client and server communication.
     8. Its support dependency injection.
     9. Applying Animations.
     10. Event Handlers.

2. What are the main features in AngularJs?
Ans : The main key features are 
  1. Scope, 
  2. Controller, 
  3. Model, 
  4. View, 
  5. Services, 
  6. Data Binding, 
  7. Directives, 
  8. Filters, 
  9. Validation and 
  10. Testable.
3. Why should use Angularjs?

Angularjs provide 10 key points as given below, behalf of this keys, I can say that why we use it! :)

  1. It's fully extensible and works with other libraries.
  2. This is a declarative user interface.
  3. Data models are plain old JavaScript objects.
  4. Good Behaviour  with directives.
  5. Good Flexibility with filters.
  6. Write loosely coupled and less code.
  7. DOM manipulations , Its  support one-way binding  and two-way binding both.
  8. Service providers where they belong.
  9. Context aware both client and server communication.
  10. Unit Testing features ready.
4. Why is namespace called "ng"?

The prefix ng-* stands for AngularJs. It comes from the concept of directives which allows to expand the HTML syntax with new elements, which are surrounded by '<' and '>' (as in <my-new-directive>).

5. Is Angularjs is a library, framework or plugins?

Angularjs is a Framework not a library or browser plugins. Because Angularjs is 100% client-side JavaScript and Its support to desktop and mobile browsers.

6. Is Angularjs a templating system?

We can use the ng-include directive for templating system. Angularjs support DOM based templating.

7. In AngularJS, we need to worry about security holes?

Angularjs handle to basic security holes like.

1. HTML injection attacks,

2. cross-site-scripting (CSS)
3. XSRF protection for server side communication.
4. Basic authentication and authorization etc.

8. Can we use to open-source Library with Angular?

Yes, I can use to open source libraries.

9. Does Angularjs depends on jQuery library?

If jQuery is available on page that time it use otherwise it use to jqLite

Angularjs framework contain subset of jQuery that is called jqLite. In jqLite contain needed limited events and methods which supported to DOM manipulations.

The jqLite is enough to work for Angularjs. Using jqLite, Removed the dependency of  

jQuery etc.

When you start to work with directive that time you need to add jQuery. For example, if you are using ng-grid directive that time need to add jQuery because some of the features required to jQuery

Angularjs support to jQuery version 2.1 or above.

10. What about Auto bootstrap process in AngularJs?

In angularjs ng-app is used to auto-bootstrapping to your applications. 

Its also called Automatic Initialization. 

The ng-app is the root of compilation and tell only this portion of DOM is angularjs part.

Click here for Example code

11. What are Directives in AngularJs? {{Answers}}

    12. What are $scope in AngularJs?{{Answers}}
      13. How to use angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      14. How to use filter in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      15. How to use foreach in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      16. How to write increment counter in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      17. How to find the index counter in ng-repeat angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      18. How to add rows in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      19. How to delete a row in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      20. How to use angularjs data grid/ng-grid? {{ Answers }}

      21. What type of angularjs date format? {{ Answers }}

      22. Tell me angularjs date calendar with example? {{ Answers }}

      23. how to upload file in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      24. How to use the drop-down list in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      25. How to configuring routes in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      26. How to use the angularjs $watch? {{ Answers }}

      27. How to use the JSON object in ng-repeat? {{ Answers }}

      28. What is angularjs i18n and L10n language translation? {{ Answers }}

      29. How to use ng-if/else in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      30. How to use ng-show and ng-hide in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      31. How to use the css binding in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      32. How to initialize a select box with options on page load in AngularJs?{{Answers}}

      33. How to enable and disable buttons with using condition?{{Answers}}

      34How to using looping through a collection for each item in AngularJs?{{Answers}}

      35How to bind selection box with options in the AngularJs?{{Answers}}

      36. How to display images based on the status(A, B, and C) in AngularJs?{{Answers}}

      37. Why would you use a service over a factory?

      The Services are singletons.They are ideal for keeping and tracking the state. 

      The factories will always return a new instance for each object.

      38. What is a Factory?

      Factory are used to communicate with servers using HTTP models and persist the application state and change to the across controllers. 

      The factories methodology are use to create the reusable code and feature of applications.

      39. What are the differences between $resource and $http? {{Answers}}

      40. Can you explain to $on and/or $watch ? {{ Answers }}

      42. $scope vs scope in angularjs? {{ Answers }}

      43. What difference between ng-app vs. data-ng-app and x-ng-app? {{Answers}}

      44. What types of filter in AngularJs? {{Answers}}

      45. What is ng-cloak directive and Why we use? {{Answers}}

      46. Is $http service is restful web service in angularjs? {{Answers}}

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      Thank you!
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