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27 Best WCF Interview Questions & Answers [How To?]

27 Tips To Handle WCF Job Interview Successfully!

What is WCF Services? Tell tell Actual use of WCF?
What are the most important features of WCF? What is the WCF Architecture?
What is the difference between WCF and Web service? What are WCF Contracts, explain in details?
What are WCF service contracts? What are Addresses in WCF services?
What type of Bindings in WCF? What is Format Binding?
What is Encoding Binding? Can you tell me about WCF Hosting?
What type of Reliability in WCF services? How to work WCF services Channel?
Can you tell me about WCF Endpoints in detail? What are per call services?
What are per session services? Can you tell me about call-back re-entrancy?
How to defining and configuring a call-back contract? What are the operations in WCF services?
What is the Singleton Service in WCF? What is the call-back connection management?
What is the throttling in wcf services? What is the Duplex-Channel-Factory in wcf services?
Tell me about transactions in WCF services? What are the transaction protocols in wcf services?
How to manage the explicit transaction?

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