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@NgModule decorator

What Types of @NgModules?

What Types of NgModules?
There are four types of NgModules –
1.          Features Module
2.          Routing Module
3.          Service Module
4.          Widget Module
5.          Shared Module

Features Module – The feature modules are NgModules for the purpose of organizing an application code.

Routing Module – The Routing is used to manage routes and also enables navigation from one view to another view as users perform application tasks.

Service Module – The modules that only contain services and providers. It provides utility services such as data access and messaging. The root AppModule is the only module that should import service modules. The HttpClientModule is a good example of a service.

Widget Module - The third party UI component libraries are widget modules.

Shared Module – The shared module allows you to organize your application code. You can put your commonly used components, directives, and pipes into the one module and use whenever required to this module.


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