Android Interview Questions and Answers

HR Interview Questions and Answers | Freshers and Experienced

1) Tell us something about yourself.
2) Why do you want to leave your present job?
3) Is there anything that you do not like about your last or current job?
4) What do you know about us?
5) Why do you want to work for this company?
6) What is the motivating factor for you at work?
7) What do you like about your present job?
8) What do you dislike about your present job?
9) What position would you prefer while working on a project?
10) Can you work under pressure?
11) How do you rate your communication skills?
12) Would you like to work in a team or on your own?
13) What are your strengths and weaknesses?
14) Give me an example of your creativity.
15) Is there any particular kind of person you cannot work with?
16) What qualities would you look for in your senior?
17) What is your greatest achievement?
18) Will you be happy to work over the weekends?
19) If you hired, how long would you expect to work for us?
20) What is your expected salary?
21) Do you have any questions for me?

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