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PHP String Interview Questions and Answers

What Is PHP?
PHP stands for “Hypertext Pre-processors”. It is server side scripting language and used for developing web applications and It's allows us to dynamically create generated web pages.

PHP has many frameworks and CMS and used for creating websites.  The PHP is very easy to create sites using its CMS. 
The PHP is an Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) language.

What Is PHP String?
A string literal can be specified in four different ways:
1.      Single Quoted
2.      Double Quoted
3.      Heredoc Syntax
4.      Nowdoc Syntax

A string is a set of characters and a single quotes are used to specify simple strings,  double quotes are used to create fairly complex strings, heredoc is used to create complex strings, and nowdoc is used to create strings that cannot be parsed.

What Is PHP String functions?
PHP string functions are used to manipulate string values and the commonly used string functions are :
1.      str_replace
2.      strpos
3.      strtolower
4.      strtoupper
5.      strlen
6.      explode
7.      substr
8.      sha1
9.      md5
10. str_word_count
11. ucfirst
12. lcfirst

What Is PHP 7?
PHP7 is a latest and major release in the PHP Programming language that has widened several programming avenues for PHP coders.

PHP 7 is used to developed and delivered for mobile to enterprises and the cloud. PHP 7 offers faster performance, reduced memory consumption, anonymous class options, etc.

PHP 7 has been through several months of beta testing and was finally released in its stable form in December 2015, just one month after the predicted release date.

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