Features of VVVV.js

VVVV.js Interview Questions and Answers

What Is VVVV.js?
VVVV.js is a Visual Programming Framework, great toolkit and used for developing rich data visualisation, advanced user interfaces, and games.  It is fully works in your browsers.

David Gann is creating VVVV.js rendering /game engine for developing web and mobile apps.
VVVV.js is a hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development.

VVVV.js is free for non-commercial use, commercial use requires a license.
VVVV.js is a Visual Programming Framework for High-End JavaScript/WebGL Application Development.

What Are the great Features of VVVV.js?
1.      Graphics and DOM Interface
2.      Physical Based Rendering
3.      Full glTF character import workflow
4.      Instancing
5.      IPSF support for rapid prototyping of distributed computing
6.      Deferred effects
7.      Collision detection
8.      Terrain rendering
9.      Multi-texturing
10.  Character animation
11.  Particles
12.  Derivative maps and parallax occlusion mapping
13.  Node sets for HTML and CSS visual programming
14.  Web Audio API nodes
15.  Server-side nodes for networking applications

How To Started VVVV.js?
The four steps involve to started VVVV.js -
1.      Download VVVV.js and extract it. Add this js in your project script folder.
2.      Create a new patch
3.      Include VVVV.js and the mypatch.v4p file in your website
4.      Launch the Editor by appending

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