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71 Best MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers - [MongoDB]

MongoDB is the fastest growing database because it’s provided more security protection mechanisms than others and also more reliable in cloud computing environments. It is secure architecture for your deployment”.

It is document oriented database and its store the data in document with JSON format.

Most Popular 71 Key Questions for MongoDB Interviews.

What is MongoDB and Why we use? What's New in MongoDB 3.2?
Is MongoDB Support Relationship? Is MongoDB Support Replication?
What are journaling in MongoDB? What kind of database is MongoDB?
In MongoDB, What is a namespace? In which language MongoDB is written?
Do MongoDB databases have tables and schemas? What types of languages use to work with MongoDB?
Which are the most powerful features in MongoDB? What is NoSQL Database and why you use NoSQL Database?
Is NoSQL Database Types? Is NoSQL Database will replace to RDBMS?
Does MongoDB support SQL Server? Does MongoDB support ACID Transactions?
What is the difference between MongoDB and CouchDB? What are different between MongoDB and Sql Server databases?
How MongoDB is better than other SQL Server databases? What are difference between SQL Server and NoSQL Database?
Now days, what makes MongoDB best? How to create primary/foreign key relationships in MongoDB?
What are 32-bit nuances? Can MongoDB used for Cache Management?
Why does Profiler use in MongoDB? In MongoDB, What is a covered query?
In MongoDB, What is Aggregation? In MongoDB, What is Sharding?
Why MongoDB data files so large (in size)? In MongoDB, What is GridFS?
Is MongoDB support null values? In MongoDB, How do I do transactions/locking?
In MongoDB, What is the Master or primary key? In MongoDB, What is secondary or slave?
In MongoDB, How does sharding work with replication? In MongoDB, Can I remove old files in the move Chunk directory?
How can I see the connections which you used in mongos? What are the limitations of MongoDB?
In MongoDB, What is Replication Factor? In MongoDB, What is dynamic Schema?
In MongoDB, What is BSON and how can restore this file? In MongoDB, How can you take database backup?
In MongoDB, What is Replication? In MongoDB, What is the role of 8 Analysers?
In MongoDB, if user removed to object attribute that attribute is deleted from the storage layer? If yes, then how? In MongoDB, Whether use to safe backup log feature?
In MongoDB, How to update operations immediately sync to disk? In MongoDB, How to perform transactions/lock?
In MongoDB, How sharding and replication work together? In MongoDB, How do you configure to cache size for MMAPv1?
Does MongoDB handle application level caching? Why MongoDB logging so many “Connection Accepted” events?
Does MongoDB run on Amazon EBS? In MongoDB, How is Query injection and how to handle it?
How can you enter multi line operations in the mongo shell? How can you access different databases temporarily?
Is mongo shell supported to tab completion? How can you customize to mongo shell prompt?
Can you edit long shell operations with an external text editor? What types of locking use in MongoDB?
How do you see the locking status in mongo instances? Can you perform read/write operation for ever yield lock?
In MongoDB, Which operations lock the database? In MongoDB, Which commands you use to lock the database?
In MongoDB, Can you lock more than one database at the same time? How to create Index after every query insert?
How to know, what indexes exist in a collection? How to determine the size of an index?
What happen when an index does not fit into RAM?

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