object oriented programming concepts

Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPs)

Basic OOPs Concepts

Out keywordRef keywordPropertyStruct
ArraysCollection of ClassesClass LibraryVirtual | Override | new Keyword

Constructors Concept

Private Constructor Parameterized Constructor
Constant, read-only and static Keywords Base class Parameterized Constructor
We have two classes, one is ClassA and other is ClassB, the ClassB inherit base class ClassA. If we make the object of child class ClassB then which class constructor called first? We know that Base class constructor called first. But if we creating object with parameters, and base class have both constructor default and parameter, then which constructor of base class called first.

Basic C# Concepts

What are ASP.NET Delegates, Types and Examples? What are funk, Actionn and Predicate delegate?
What are Generic Delegates, Types and Examples in C#? Examples - Generic classes and methods!
What is event in c#? How is work? What are Properties and indexer in c#? Why we use?
What is structure in c#? Why we use it? What is property class in c#? What is the main role?
What is ref keyword in c#? When we use? What is out keyword in c#? When we use?
What is an Array? When use Array, ArrayList and LinkedList? What is a collection class in c#? Why we need collection in c#?
What is a class library? Why need it?

C# data Structures and Algorithms Examples

Algorithm - Bubble Sort Algorithm - Insertion Sort
Algorithm - Selection Sort Algorithm - Recursion Fibonacci Series
Algorithm - Fibonacci Series using for loop Algorithm - Armstrong Number
Algorithm - Palindrome Program Algorithm - Prime Number
Factorial Number using Recursion Reverse string in with and without using reverse function in C#
Find the most occurrence of a character in string C#? Count character occurrence of a string using dictionary KeyValuePair C#?
Counting the occurrences of every duplicate words in a string using dictionary in C#

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