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OpenXava Interview Questions and Answers

What Is OpenXava?
The OpenXava is an Open source, Multilingual, AJAX Java Framework, and used for Rapid Development of Enterprise Web Applications.

In OpenXava you only have to write the domain classes in plain Java to get a web application ready for production.
Why You Use OpenXava?
What Are the features of OpenXava?
1.      High productivity
2.      Short learning curve
3.      Full-featured applications
4.      Mobile user interface
5.      The more used Java domain-driven framework

Is OpenXava Open Source?
Yes! It is Open source and LGPL license that allows you to develop commercial applications without paying any fees.

Is OpenXava mobile user interface?
In addition to the classic web user interface for desktop you can get a mobile user interface for your applications from the same code.

Which is the latest version?
The latest version of OpenXava is - 5.9.1

Is OpenXava support Inheritance?

What Is Inheritance in OpenXava?
Inheritance is a practical way to reuse code in the object oriented world. Using inheritance with JPA and OpenXava is as easy as using it in plain Java.

What Is Entity inheritance in OpenXava?
An entity may inherit from another entity. This entity inheritance is a useful tool to simplify your model. We are going to use it to add a new Order entity to your Invoicing application.

What Is View Inheritance in OpenXava?
You can use inheritance not only for reusing the Java code and mapping, but also for reusing the user interface definition, the @View definitions. This section shows how view inheritance works.

What Is Controllers in in OpenXava?
Controllers are used to define actions (buttons, links, and images) that the final user can click. The controllers are defined in the controllers.xml file that is in the xava directory of your project.

In The OpenXava or xava you have a default-controllers.xml that contains a group of generic controllers that can be used in your applications.


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