What Are Angular HttpHeaders?

What Are HttpHeaders?
The Http Headers is immutable Map and each and every set() returns a new instance and applies the changes with lazy parsing.

An immutable set of Http headers, with lazy parsing.

HttpHeaders Constructor -
constructor(headers?: string | { [name: string]: string | string[];});

Imports HttpHeaders from -
import {HttpHeaders } from '@angular/common/http';

HttpHeaders class contains the list of methods -
1.      has() - Checks for existence of header by given name.
2.      get() - Returns the first header that matches given name.
3.      keys() - Returns the names of the headers
4.      getAll() - Returns list of header values for a given name.
5.      append() - Append headers by chaining.
6.      set() -  To set a custom header on the request for a given name
7.      delete() - To delete the header on the request for a given name

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