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Android Interview Questions and Answers

Visa Application Process Interview Questions and Answers

1.      What is the purpose of visiting Australia?
2.      Have you been before visiting Australia?
3.      Why do you want to visit only at this time?
4.      How long will you stay in Australia?
5.      Why do you need a three month’s visa?
6.      What does your company do?
7.      Have you booked traveling ticket for Australia?
8.      Do you have any friends and relatives in Australia?
9.      Do you have any closed relative in Australia?
10.  Where will you stay in the Australia?
11.  Will you came back to this county after your visit?
12.  How can you assure us that you will come back?
13.  Are you traveling with someone else?
14.  Have you covered medical insurance?
15.  Can you show us the degree of the qualifications?
16.  How many years of work experience you have?
17.  You had a good job and family in your home country. Why do you want to go Australia, why not other country?
18.  What do you know about the city you are going to live for the next couple of months?
19.  Can you speak the language widely spoken in the country you are travelling to?
20.  Tell me about your family.
21.  What is the annual income from all sources for your family?
22.  What is your annual income?
23.  Can you show your bank statement?
24.  Can I have the contact details of your family?
25.  Who will take care of your family when you are visiting in the Australia?
26.  Are You Married?
27.  If Yes, What Does Your Spouse Do? For how long have you been married?
28.  Do you have any children? If yes, how old are they, what do they do?
29.  What is your child worth date?
30.  Where are you staying in India?
31.  Have you involved any criminal activity?
32.  Do you paying income tax to Indian Gov.?

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