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15 Best Memcached Interview Questions and Answers - Caching Data

What Is Memcached?
Memcached is very popular in-memory caching software.

Memcached is an open-source, free, high-performance, distributed memory object that speeds-up data-driven websites by caching data and objects in RAM.

Memcached was first developed by Brad Fitzpatrick for his website LiveJournal, on May 22, 2003.
Memcached is a component which stores data temporally for 1hour, 6hour, 12hours, 1day etc.

Memcached is used by Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Netlog, YouTube, etc.

Who Is the Author of Memcached?
The Author of Memcached is - Danga Interactive.

In which Language Memcached Is Written?
Memcached is written in C language. It was written by Danga Interactive.

When Memcached's Initial Version Launched?
The initial version of Memcached was launched in - May 22, 2003.

What Is Official website of Nginx?

What Is the best use of Memcached?
The Best use of Memcached:-
1.      Easy to install
2.      Improve the performance of web application by caching
3.      Memcached offers API integration for all the major languages like Java, PHP, C, C++, Python, Ruby, Perl etc.
4.      Reduced the burden of a database server
5.      We can update the values of keys
6.      We can use Tags for keys

What Are the limitations of Memcached?
1.      Memcached is not a database
2.      Memcached stores temporary data and permanently
3.      Memcached can’t cache large objects

Which Memcached Command is used to get the Version?

Which Memcached Command is used to add the value of key?
Syntax - add [key] [flags] [exptim] [bytes] [noreply]
Example - add key 0 900 4

Which Memcached Command is used to get the value of key?
get key

Which Memcached Command is used to set the value of Key?
Syntax - set [key] [flags] [exptim] [bytes] [noreply]
Example - set key 0 900 4

Which Memcached Command is used to show the Stats?

Which Memcached Command is used to delete the Key?
delete key

Which Memcached Command is used to close the connection?

How would you update Memcached when data changes?
1.      By clearing the cache proactively
2.      By resetting the cache

What conditions cache can’t retain the stored information?
When memory gets allocated for the cache is exhausted:-
1.      When an item from cache gets deleted
2.      When an individual item in the cache gets expired


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