Learn HTML5 Now, for Preparing Secure and Intelligent Solutions

In this post, I am sharing “How to learn and use HTML 5”?  And the “lot of questions” were asked connected to HTML 5 and its new features for creating secure and intelligent solutions.

All the below added questions is very helpful to quickly brush-up your HTML 5 knowledge.
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15 Best HTML5 Interview Questions & Answers

What is doctype in HTML5? What is localStorage in HTML5?
What is sessionStorage in HTML5? How to enable cache in HTML5?
What is Web Worker in HTML5? What is a draggable attribute in HTML5?
What is a placeholder attribute in HTML5? What different types of input type are introduced in HTML5?
What new elements (tags) are introduced in HTML5? Which property makes round corner to an element?
What are different display property values? How to convert float number to integer number?
How to search id and class in html from jQuery? How to know the total number elements present in an array?
How to prevent/stop form submission?

Constructors Concept
Private Constructor Parameterized Constructor
Constant, read-only and static Keywords Base class Parameterized Constructor
We have two classes, one is ClassA and other is ClassB, the ClassB inherit base class ClassA. If we make the object of child class ClassB then which class constructor called first? We know that Base class constructor called first. But if we creating object with parameters, and base class have both constructor default and parameter, then which constructor of base class called first.

Basic OOPs Concepts

Out keywordRef keywordPropertyStruct
ArraysCollection of ClassesClass LibraryVirtual | Override | new Keyword

Basic C# Concepts

What are ASP.NET Delegates, Types and Examples? What are funk, Actionn and Predicate delegate?
What are Generic Delegates, Types and Examples in C#? Examples - Generic classes and methods!
What is event in c#? How is work? What are Properties and indexer in c#? Why we use?
What is structure in c#? Why we use it? What is property class in c#? What is the main role?
What is ref keyword in c#? When we use? What is out keyword in c#? When we use?
What is an Array? When use Array, ArrayList and LinkedList? What is a collection class in c#? Why we need collection in c#?
What is a class library? Why need it?

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