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PHPixie Framework Interview Questions and Answers

PHPixie PHP Framework FAQs:
2.      Why PHPixie Framework?
3.      What Are the Features of PHPixie?
4.      What Are the inbuilt Components of PHPixie?
5.      Download PHPixie Github?

What Is PHPixie?
PHPixie is a Modern, open-source, fast, secure and a lightweight MVC PHP framework designed for speed and simplicity.

PHPixie started as a micro-framework and has gradually grown to be one of the most popular full-stack PHP frameworks while retaining its high performance.

The primary function of PHPixie is that it allows organizing the projects into bundles as a result of which reusing code is made easy.
Why PHPixie?
PHPixie is easy to learn and does not rely on auto-magic.
PHPixie is MVC pattern oriented.
PHPixie has an impressive routing system for smooth implementation.
PHPixie compile fast for easy deployment.
PHPixie is relatively a new framework with continuous support.

What Are the Features of PHPixie?
PHPixie is modern PHP frameworks and It has the following features:
  • PHPixie is useful for developing flexible, simple, and secure and mostly enterprise application.
  • Uses advanced security for secure hashes, secure cookie handling and random tokens.
  • PHPixie supports MongoDB, a non-relational database management system.
  • PHPixie has a linear code flow as it never uses or supports events.
  • PHPixie is more adaptable as everything is expandable and overridable.

What Are the inbuilt Components of PHPixie?
The following inbuilt Components of PHPixie are:
  • PHP Template
  • Inbuilt Exceptions and tracing with Debug component
  • Inbuilt Authentication
  • Database support for - MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MongoDB
  • PHPixie Pagination library
  • PHPixie ORM library
  • PHPixie Validation library

Download PHPixie from Github -

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