Groovy Interview Questions and Answers

What Is Groovy?
Groovy is fully object oriented programming language for JVM - Java Virtual Machines and used to combine Java modules, to write Java application and to extend existing Java application.

Groovy is a powerful high level language for the Java platform which compiles down to Java byte-code. Groovy is Java syntax compatible and is from Apache family of software.
Why You Use Groovy?
Groovy has a rich stock of Java Libraries and easily integrate with your existing infrastructure like –
1.      Servlet Containers
2.      App Servers
3.      Loads of databases with JDBC drivers
4.      Completely Object Oriented

Groovy can be used both as a programming language and as a scripting language.
It has efficient object navigation, Literal declaration for maps, arrays, ranges and regular expressions, and Operators can be overloaded.

What are the Dependencies for Groovy?
Java 1.4 plus and the Groovy jar, it also depend on the ASM library at run-time.

What are the Advantages of Groovy?
Groovy is fully object-oriented programming language so the code of Groovy is reusable and assignable and the code is very similar to the Java language with syntax.
Groovy is easily integrated with the existing interface and also supports operator overloading.

What are the Limitations of Groovy?
It is little slower while starting up and lack of learning documentation, examples.
It consumes lots of memory and also requires Java programming knowledge.

What Is the License for Groovy?
Groovy is free open-source using a BSD or Apache style license.

What Is Grails?
The Grails is an open-source web application framework that uses the Groovy and Java as programming language.

What Is the Default Environments in Grails?
The Default Environments is - Development, Test and Production

What Is a Template In Grails?
It is a reusable part of a view that can be used to render a small part of a view.

What Is the Closures In Groovy?
A closure in Groovy is an open source, anonymous, block of code that can take arguments, and return a value and be assigned to a variable.

What Command is used to run a Grails Application?
The Command is used - grails run-app

What Command is used to Refresh Dependencies?
The Command is used - grails refresh-dependencies

What do you understand by the concept of thin documentation in Groovy?
Thin documentation refers to lack of proper or detailed documentation and most of the Groovy programmers complain about lack of detailed documentation on the project or code examples.

I get errors when trying to run groovy, groovysh or groovyConsole. What’s wrong?
Groovy depends on JDK 1.4 or higher. Common errors people have when trying to run Groovy is that there’s an old groovy jar on the CLASSPATH somewhere or that JAVA_HOME points to an old JDK before JDK 1.

How to add stuff to the classpath when running things in groovysh or groovy?
You can add this things to your $CLASSPATH environment variable or you can add a directory - .groovy/lib in your home directory.

What Is Expandometaclass In Groovy?
The ExpandoMetaClass is used to add methods, properties, static methods, and constructors.

What Is ExpandoMetaClass in Groovy?
The ExpandoMetaClass is used to add methods, properties, static methods, and constructors.

What Is Groovysh?
Groovysh is a command line application that enables an easy access to evaluate Groovy expressions, define classes, and run experiments.

What Is Sitemesh?
The Sitemesh is a HTML templating framework.

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