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About Anil Singh

Full Stack Developer | MCP, MCTS Certified | Blogger, Author and Founder

Hi there! Welcome to my blog page. Here's a bit about me!

Anil Singh is an author, tech blogger, and software programmer. Anil born and brought up in Kushinagar (U.P.) India. He has done B.Sc. (Mathematics) and MCA (Master of Computer Application). He has a number of Microsoft certifications including MCP, MCTS – 515, 513. He has 9 plus years of experience in the software programming. His developer blog at contains technical articles (3500 plus) about .NET, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular and various programming languages.

As like you guys, Anil is also doing a 9-hour job. Book writing, tech blogging is something do extra and Anil love doing it.  

As you know, no one is perfect in the universe and it’s also true for me. So anything you want to suggest, comment and grammar mistakes or technical mistakes regarding the articles or books you can mail me at [email protected]

Key Skills - ASP.Net with C#, MVC, Web API 2, JavaScript, JQuery, TypeScript, Angular 6, 5, 4, and 2 and Angular 1.x, KnockoutJs, Kendo UI, WCF, WPF, SQL Server, LINQ, Entity Framework etc.

My Qualifications – B.Sc.(Math), MCA
My Certifications - MCP, MCTS -515 and 513 and HIPPA.

My Book:-  Angular 2 Interview Questions and Answers with TypeScript and Angular 4 - Angular Book

My Blogs :-  My most recent professional blogs. You may also find my blogging at -

Let's Connect! I'm always happy to meet new public!
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My Up coming book is -
This Blog helps to the programmers and students be successful! Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any further questions. Otherwise, I hope that we can work together successfully another time.  [email protected] - [email protected] .Thank you so much for visiting my blog J

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Anil Singh. I'm a author of this blog. For more detail about me, kindly refer to this link..
My Blogs - and
My Books - Interview Questions and Answers Books- Get Your Book in 15+ Digital Stores Worldwide..

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