Angular 2 Interview Questions and Answers

Angular 4 Interview Questions and Answers - [Why Angular 4? What’s New in Angular 4?]

What's New in Angular 4? How to Upgrade Web Applications from Angular 2 to Angular 4?
Why Use Angular 4? Angular 4 If Else and Then Conditions!
What are the difference b/w Angular 4 and Angular 2? What Is the forRoot Method in Angular 4?
What are the “Great Advantages” of Angular 4?What Is the Difference Between [ngFor] and [ngForOf] in Angular 2?
What Are Isolated Unit Tests? What Are Angular Testing Utilities?
Isolated Unit Tests vs. Angular Testing Utilities! What classes should I add to module's declarations in Angular 4?
What classes should I not add to module's declarations in Angular 4? 155 Best Angular 2 Interview Q/A

Angular 4 Charts - Line, Bar, Pie, Doughnut

Angular 4 - Pie Chart Angular 4 - Bar Chart
Angular 4 - Doughnut Chart Angular 4 - Line Chart

Angular 2 Fundamental Concepts

Introduction of Angular 2 Setup Angular 2 in .NET MVCAdvantages of Angular 2
The Major Changes of Angular 2 Component Life-cycle HooksSupport of Modern Browsers
Angular 2 Vs. Angular 1 Angular 4 Vs. Angular 2 Constructors Vs. OnInit
Use of ngInit and ngOnInit ngOnInit() Vs. Constructors HTTP Cookies
Dependency Injection (DI) Inject() Vs. Injectable() Features and Benefits
Bindings in Angular 2Initialize an Array in Angular 2TypeScript Tutorial - The Fundamental Concepts!

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