Angular 2 Interview Questions and Answers

Angular 4 Interview Questions and Answers

Angular 4 - Angular 4 applications are smaller & faster in comparison with Angular 2.

View Engine Size Reduce - Some changes under to hood to what AOT generated code compilation that means in Angular 4, improved the compilation time. These changes reduce around 60% size in most cases.

Animation Package- Animations now have their own package i.e. @angular/platform-browser/animations

Improvement - Some Improvement on *ngIf and *ngFor.

The template is now ng-template. You should use the “ng-template” tag instead of “template”. Now Angular has its own template tag that is called “ng-template”.

NgIf with Else

AS keyword – A new addition to the template syntax is the “as keyword” is use to simplify to the “let” syntax.

Frequently asked questions about Angular 4 :-

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