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Angular 6 vs Angular 5 vs Angular 4 – What's New in Angular 6?

What's New In Angular 6? What Are the Improvements In Angular 6?
Off-course!! Angular 6 being smaller, faster and easier to use. It will making developers lives easier.
The Angular 6 is scheduled for March 2018, with production release on March 28

The Angular Team are working on –To added/ remove/ re-introduce/ and may more things. You can see the below details –
ü  Added Angular Material and CDK Stable Release
ü  Support Service Worker in the CLI
-             ng generate universal <name>
-             ng build --app=<name>
ü  Improved Universal and AppShell Support in the CLI
-             ng generate app-shell [ --universal-app <universal-app-name>] [ --route <route>]
ü  Improved decorator error messages
ü  TypeScript 2.5.x support
-             npm install [email protected]'~2.5.3'
ü  And many more things are available
ü  Added to support – nativeElement
ü  Re-introduce Query Predicate with more focused role
ü  Add missing lifecycle tests for projected components
ü  Describe safety worker
ü  Add afterContentInit and afterContentChecked to render
ü  Some fixes on language service -
o   The 2.6 version of Typescript’s “resolveModuleName” started to require paths passed to be separated by '/' instead of being able to handle '\'.
ü  Move init hooks into TView
ü  Correct onDestroy order for projected components
ü  Add type and hooks to directive def
ü  Enable size tracking of a minimal CLI render3 application
ü  Fix platform-detection example for Universal
ü  Add canonical view query
ü  Some enhancements on compiler to reflect changes
ü  Rename QueryPredicate to LQuery
ü  Rename LQuery to LQueries and associated renames
ü  Allow HttpInterceptors to inject HttpClient
o   Previously, an interceptor attempting to inject HttpClient directly would receive a circular dependency error, as HttpClient was constructed via a factory which injected the interceptor instances. Users want to inject HttpClient into interceptors to make supporting
o   Either HttpClient or the user has to deal specially with the circular Dependency. This change moves that responsibility into HttpClient itself. By utilizing a new class HttpInterceptingHandler which lazily Loads the set of interceptors at request time, it's possible to inject HttpClient directly into interceptors as construction of HttpClient no longer requires the interceptor chain to be constructed.
ü  Add navigationSource and restoredState to NavigationStart -
o   Currently, NavigationStart there is no way to know if navigation was triggered imperatively or via the location change. These two use cases should be handled differently for a variety of use cases (e.g., scroll position restoration). This PR adds a navigation source field and restored navigation id (passed to navigations triggered by a URL change).
ü  Removes generation of comments
ü  Fix SideNav height on narrow screens -
o   Since we specify `bottom: 0`, specifying the height is unnecessary and Leads to wrong height (unless updated) on narrow screens where the topbar height is decreased.

Where to download the Angular 6 beta -

What's New In Angular 5? What Are the Improvements In Angular 5?
Angular 5 is going to be a much better angular and you will be able to take advantage of it much easier and it contains bunch of new features, performance improvements and lot of bug fixes and also some surprises to Angular lovers.
Angular 2 vs. Angular 1 Angular 4 vs. Angular 2 Angular 5 vs. Angular 4 Angular 6 vs Angular 5
Included Key Features - Angular 5
1)     Include Representation of Placeholders to xliff and xmb in the compiler
2)      Include an Options Arg to Abstract Controls in the forms controls
3)      Include add default updateOn values for groups and arrays to form controls
4)      Include updateOn blur option to form controls
5)      Include updateOn submit option to form controls
6)      Include an Events Tracking Activation of Individual Routes
7)      Include NgTemplateOutlet API as stable in the common controls
8)     Create StaticInjector which does not depend on Reflect polyfill
9)      Include [@.disabled] attribute to disable animation children in the animations
10)  Make AOT the default
11)  Watch mode
12)  Type checking in templates
13)  More flexible metadata
14)  Remove *.ngfactory.ts files
15)  Better error messages
16)  Smooth upgrades
17)  Tree-Shakeable components
18)  Hybrid Upgrade Application

Included Performance Improvements - Angular 5
1)     Use of addEventListener for the faster rendering and it is the core functionality.
2)     Update to new version of build-optimizer.
3)      Include some Improvements on the abstract class methods and interfaces
4)     Remove decorator DSL which depends on Reflect for Improve the Performance of Apps and This is the core functionality.
5)      Include an option to remove blank text nodes from compiled templates
6)     Switch Angular to use Static-Injector instead of Reflective-Injector.
7)     Improve the applications testing.
8)     Improve the performance of hybrid applications
9)     Improvements on Lazy loading for Angular

Improvement on HttpClient – Included
1)     Improvement on Type-checking the response
2)     Improvement on Reading the full response
3)     Improvement on Error handling and fetching error details
4)     Improvement on Intercepting all requests or responses
5)     Improvement on Logging
6)     Improvement on Caching
7)     Improvement on XSRF Protection

Angular Router Life Cycle Events -
Added new router life cycle events for Guards and Resolvers -
1)     GuardsCheckStart,
2)     GuardsCheckEnd,
3)     ResolveStart and
4)     ResolveEnd
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