$interval vs. $timeout angularjs

Angular 2 Tutorials and Examples | Angular 2 Quick Start Docs

Angular 2 - Basic Fundamentals

Introduction of Angular 2 Setup Angular 2 in .NET MVC Advantages of Angular 2
The Major Changes of Angular 2 Component Lifecycle Hooks Support of Modern Browsers
Angular 2 Vs. Angular 1 Angular 4 Vs. Angular 2 Constructors Vs. OnInit
Use of ngInit and ngOnInit ngOnInit() Vs. Constructors HTTP Cookies
Dependency Injection (DI) Inject() Vs. Injectable() Features and Benefits
Bindings in Angular 2Initialize an Array in Angular 2

Angular 2 - Components

Components Components Life Cycles Inputs Outputs
Components Vs. Directives Hidden Property Components Communication Error Handling

Angular 2 - Services

Concepts of Angular 2 ServicesFeatures of Angular 2 ServicesObservables vs. Promises
Create & Call Angular 2 ServicesSingleton ServicesHTTP Client Interactions

Angular 2 - Pipes

Basic Concept of PipesPure and Pmpure PipesAsync Pipe
Create a Custom PipeGlobally Available Custom “Pipe”Use of Pipes

Angular 2 - Directives

Directives Router-Outlet Directives Structural Directives Identify To Strctural Directive

Angular 2 - Templates

Template Template Variable templateUrl Vs. styleUrls

Examples and CodeSample

Login Form and ValidationsRegistration Form and ValidationsAngular 2 Routing
Ng-If-ElseNg-If-Then-ElseForms ValidationNgfor Loop
Toggle ButtonAutocomplete EventsHello World
styleUrlsstylesCreate and use a Custom Pipes

Angular 2 - Input TextBox Events

Textbox EventsKeyup EventKeypress EventChange EventKeydown Event

Angular 2 - ECMA Script and Typings

ECMAScript (ES5/ES6) Typings TypeScript ES6 +A Traceur Compiler

Angular 2 - Styling

Import CSS Load external CSS styleUrlsstyles

Angular 2 - Routing

Routing Concepts Route Params Router Imports Router Link Directive

Angular 2 - NgModel

NgModel Root Module One Root Module Async Pipes

Common Errors In Problem Solving

Cannot find module 'angular2/core' Cannot find module 'angular2/angular2' Angular 2 System is not defined.

Interview Questions and Answers

Angular 2 Q/A Angular 1 Q/A Angular 4 Q/A JavaScript Q/A

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