add Link to a react-table cell

react-table add edit/delete column link

Try the below examples to achieve add edit/delete columns in react-table using Link,

As an Example,

Import the Link component,
import { Link } from 'react-router-dom'

If you want to add Edit link in React-Table Cell, Use below code,
const columns = [
    Header: 'Name',
    accessor: 'name',
    Cell: ({ row }) => (<Link to={{pathname:'/editpage/'+`${row.pageURL}`state :{data : row} } }>{}</Link>),
    filterable : true

If you want to add function/method after click on react-table cell button, Use below code,
const columns = [
     Header: '',
     Cell: row => (
             <button onClick={() => handleEdit(row)}>Edit</button>
             <button onClick={() => handleDelete(}>Delete</button>

Result looks like,


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