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Isolated unit tests vs. Angular testing utilities

What Are Angular Testing Utilities? [Angular 4 and Angular 2]

The Angular Testing utilities include the TestBed class and helper functions from the test libraries - @angular/core/testing.

The TestBed class is one of the principal Angular testing utilities!

The TestBed class is responsible for configuring and initializing the environment that we are going to write our tests in by calling TestBed.configureTestingModule.

Stayed Informed - Angular 2 Docs with Examples
Stayed Informed - Angular 4 Docs with Examples

The TestBed.configureTestingModule is used to define the environment that we want our component under test to live in.

The Angular Testing utility APIs are –
1.     getTestBed
2.     async
3.     fakeAsync
4.     tick
5.     inject
6.     discardPeriodicTasks
7.     flushMicrotasks
8.     ComponentFixtureAutoDetect     

The most important static methods are –
1.     configureTestingModule
2.     compileComponents
3.     createComponent
4.     overrideModule
5.     overrideComponent
6.     overrideDirective
7.     overridePipe
8.     get
9.     initTestEnvironment
10.  resetTestEnvironment

Example As –
beforeEach(() => {
  fixture = TestBed.configureTestingModule({
    declarations: [YourComponent ]

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