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$scope vs scope in angularjs

Angular 4 is coming soon!!! Did you know about Angular 2?

Rob Wormald, developer and Angular core team member at Google. He told InfoWorld that Angular 4 will be released in March 2017.

Angular 4 will have better tooling and will generate less code; Google also is promising a new major version twice a year.

Key features of Angular 2,
1.      Angular 2 is faster and easier than Angular 1.
2.      Angular 2 is mainly focused on mobile apps.
3.      It supports latest the version of browsers and also supports old browsers including android 4.1+.
4.      It is a cross platform framework.
5.      Code structure is very simplified than the previous version of Angular.

Why Angular 2?
1.      The Angular 2 has better performance.
2.      The Angular 2 has more powerful template system.
3.      The Angular 2 provide simpler APIs, lazy loading and easier to application debugging.
4.      The Angular 2 much more testable.
5.      The Angular 2 provides to nested level components.
6.      The Angular 2 execute run more than two programs at the same time.

For more details about Angular 4,

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