$interval vs. $timeout angularjs

Angular 2 Tutorials and Examples | Angular 2 Quick Start Docs

Angular 2 - Basic Fundamentals

Introduction of Angular 2 Setup Angular 2 in .NET MVC Advantages of Angular 2
The Major Changes of Angular 2 Component Lifecycle Hooks Support of Modern Browsers
Angular 2 Vs. Angular 1 Angular 4 Vs. Angular 2 Constructors Vs. OnInit
Use of ngInit and ngOnInit ngOnInit() Vs. Constructors HTTP Cookies
Dependency Injection (DI) Inject() Vs. Injectable() Features and Benefits
Bindings in Angular 2Initialize an Array in Angular 2Declare & Access a Global Variable

Angular 2 - Components

Components Components Life Cycles Inputs Outputs
Components Vs. Directives Hidden Property Components Communication Error Handling

Angular 2 - Services

Concepts of Angular 2 ServicesFeatures of Angular 2 ServicesObservables vs. Promises
Create & Call Angular 2 ServicesSingleton ServicesHTTP Client Interactions

Angular 2 - Pipes

Basic Concept of PipesPure and Pmpure PipesAsync Pipe
Create a Custom PipeGlobally Available Custom “Pipe”Use of Pipes

Angular 2 - Directives

Directives Router-Outlet Directives Structural Directives Identify To Strctural Directive

Angular 2 - Templates

Template Template Variable templateUrl Vs. styleUrls

Angular 2 - Input TextBox Events

Textbox EventsKeyup EventKeypress EventChange EventKeydown Event

Angular 2 - ECMA Script and Typings

ECMAScript (ES5/ES6) Typings TypeScript ES6 +A Traceur Compiler

Angular 2 - Styling

Import CSS Load external CSS styleUrlsstyles

Angular 2 - Routing

Routing Concepts Route Params Router Imports Router Link Directive

Angular 2 - NgModel

NgModel Root Module One Root Module Async Pipes

Angular 2 - Testing

Isolated Unit Tests Angular Testing Utilities Isolated Unit Tests vs. Angular Testing Utilities

Common Errors In Problem Solving

Cannot find module 'angular2/core' Cannot find module 'angular2/angular2' Angular 2 System is not defined.

Examples and CodeSample

Login Form and ValidationsRegistration Form and ValidationsAngular 2 Routing
Ng-If-ElseNg-If-Then-ElseForms ValidationNgfor Loop
Toggle ButtonAutocomplete EventsHello World
styleUrlsstylesCreate and use a Custom Pipes

Interview Questions and Answers

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