Angular 1 and Angular 2 Integration

What is Angular 2? 13 Best Advantages for Angular 2!

Angular 2 is a most popular framework for developing mobile apps.  It is also for “desktop” as well “mobile” applications.  The Angular 2 is development phase you know very well and hopefully you love.

The “Angular 2” is focusing on data-binding, extensible HTML and on application test-ability but it is still in design and prototyping stage.

Stayed InformedAngular 2 vs. ReactJs
Stayed Informed – 13 Best Advantages for Angular2

Angular framework helps us to build client applications in HTML and JavaScript.
Angular 2 is so simpler, faster, modular and instrumented design.

Angular 2 targeting to modern browsers and it is developing using ES6 (ES6 is called ECMAScript version 6). It also support to ECMAScript version 5(ES5).

You don’t worry about the versions of ECMAScript. The ES6 compiler manages to the versioning related problems.

All the Angular 2 framework code is already being written in ECMAScript 6.

The set of modern browsers are
1.              Chrome
2.              Firefox
3.              Opera
4.              Safari
5.              IE Version10, 11 and so on... 
On mobiles, it is supporting to the list of Chrome on Android, iOS 6+, Windows Phone 8+ and Fire-Fox mobile and also trying to support to older versions of Android.

Angular 2 team working with Traceur compiler team to provide the support to build some extensions. This set of extensions called “ES 6 +A”.

The “Angular 2” is using “Traceur” compiler. Traceur is a compiler that takes “ES6” and compiles it down (ES5) to regular JavaScript that runs in your browsers. It is run everywhere you want to do.

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