$new() or $rootScope.new() in angularjs

12 Best Advantages of Angular 2 & ReactJs [Angular2 vs. ReactJs]

Google’s Angular 2 and Facebook’s React are popular tools today for building browser web applications and both are awesome that compression looks like Apple vs. Oranges.

Angular 2:-
1.      The size of Angular 2 is 764k (this is minified version).
2.      It is Google’s framework.
3.      Angular 2 not yet browser tools or extensions.
4.      Bunch of Angular specific syntax involved.
5.      Manual debugging, lack of completion support.
6.      Web components friendly.

ReactJs :-
1.      The size of React is 151k (this is minified version).
2.      It is Facebook’s open source library.
3.      React has great browser tools and extensions
4.      Only JavaScript syntax involved.
5.      JSX is an excellent development experience.
6.      Web components friendly also.


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