What's new in .NET 8 | New Features of .NET 8

 Learn about the ‘New Features of .NET 8’ and following  ‘.NET SDK’ changes,

1.     Terminal build output

2.     Simplified output paths

3.     The dotnet workload clean command

4.     The 'dotnet publish' and 'dotnet pack' assets

5.     The dotnet restores security auditing

6.     Template Engine

7.     Interface Hierarchies

8.     Performance improvements points

1) Terminal build output:  '.NET 8' introduces an option 'dotnet build' to produce a more modernized build output

2) Simplified output paths: '.NET 8' introduces an option 'simplified output paths' to simplify the output path and folder structure for build outputs. By default, the common location is a folder named artifacts in the root of your repository rather than in each project folder.

3) The dotnet workload clean command: '.NET 8' introduces a new command 'dotnet workload clean' to clean up workload packs previously it was not.

The command has two modes:

1.     dotnet workload clean

2.     dotnet workload clean –all

The dotnet workload clean:  Runs workload garbage collection for file-based or MSI-based workloads, which cleans up orphaned packs.

The dotnet workload clean --all: It is used to clean every pack on the machine of the current SDK workload installation type and removes all workload installation records for the running .NET SDK feature.


4) The 'dotnet publish' and 'dotnet pack' assets: The dotnet publish and dotnet pack commands make it even easier to produce production-ready code.

5) The dotnet restore security auditing:  '.NET 8' introduces security checks for known vulnerabilities when dependency packages are restored

6) Template Engine: The template engine provides a more secure experience in .NET 8 by integrating some of NuGet's security-related features.

7) Interface Hierarchies: .NET 8 adds support for serializing properties from interface hierarchies.

8) Performance improvements

.NET 8 includes improvements to code generation and just-in-time (JIT) compilation:

1.     The dynamic profile-guided optimization (PGO) has been improved and is now enabled by default.                    

2.     Arm64 performance improvements

3.     SIMD performance improvements

4.     Now start Supporting AVX-512 ISA extensions

5.     Cloud-native performance improvements

6.     JIT throughput performance improvements

7.     Loop and general performance optimizations

8.     Optimized access for fields marked with ThreadStaticAttribute

9.     JIT/NativeAOT can now unroll and auto-vectorize some memory operations with SIMD, such as comparison, copying, and zeroing, if it can determine their sizes at compile time.


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