Android 10

What's New Android 10? | New Features of Android 10

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, designed primarily for touch-screen mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets.

1) Live Caption - Automatically caption media playing on your phone.
2) Smart Reply - Take action right as you reply.
3) Sound Amplifier - Hear what’s around you more clearly.
4) Gesture Navigation - Get around with a swipe and a pull.
5) Dark theme - Take it easy on your eyes and your battery.
6) Foldable support - Foldable and 5G devices are only available on Android. So you get to experience the latest and greatest features on devices that fold, flex, and move faster than ever.
7) Focus mode - Focus on what’s in front of you.
8) Family Link - Set digital ground rules and help make healthy habits.
9) Privacy settings - Keep your data private with more controls.
10) Location control - Android is finally getting more granular control over how an app can use location information.
11) Wi-Fi and QR codes - Android 10 has a new feature that lets you create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network or scan a QR code to join a Wi-Fi network, directly in the device's Wi-Fi settings.

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