Vue 3 vs Vue 2 vs VueJs

The Vue is a progressive Javascript Framework and used to build interactive user interfaces and also, it’s focused on the view layer only (front end).

What’s New in Vue 2?
1.      Rendering layer is now based on a lightweight virtual DOM implementation
2.      Detection of static class names and attributes
3.      Detection of subtrees without dynamic bindings
4.      It supports server-side rendering with client-side hydration
5.      It Support to JSX
6.      Template-to-virtual-DOM compiler

What’s New in Vue 3?
Making it Smaller: -
Vue is already quite small, at around 20kb gzipped at runtime. But we can expect it to get even more compact, at 10kb gzipped for the new core runtime.

Virtual DOM Rewrite: -
Virtual DOM being rewritten from the ground up and he rewrites will include more efficient code to create virtual nodes.

Optimized Slots Generation:-
In Vue 3, the parent and child can be re-rendered separately. Previously, parent and child component re-renders same time.

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