Features of Vue 2.5

What’s New in Vue 3? - New Features of Vue 3

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.
The Vue 3.0 is faster, smaller, maintainable source code, easier to use, and more native-friendly now.

What’s New in Vue 3.0?
There are some added new features and improvements as following:-
1.      Improved TypeScript support
2.      Easier to use Vue with any platform like Web, iOS, or Android
3.      Making framework size is too smaller (20kb gzipped to 10kb gzipped)
4.      Virtual DOM Rewrite
5.      Static Tree Hoisting
6.      Static Props Hoisting
7.      Static Props Hoisting
8.      Proxy-based Observation
Making it Smaller: -
Vue is already quite small, at around 20kb gzipped at runtime. But we can expect it to get even more compact, at 10kb gzipped for the new core runtime.

Virtual DOM Rewrite: -
Virtual DOM being rewritten from the ground up and he rewrite will include more efficient code to create virtual nodes.

Optimized Slots Generation:-
 In the Vue 3, the parent and child can be re-rendered separately. Previously, parent and child component re-renders same time.

Static Tree Hoisting:-
The static tree hoisting means the Vue 3 compiler will be able to detect what is static and then hoist it out, reducing the cost of rendering. It’ll be able to skip patching entire trees.

Static Props Hoisting:-
In the static props hoisting, Vue 3 will skip patching nodes that aren’t going to change.

Proxy-based Observation:-
The Vue 3 supports both the old observation mechanism and the new proxy version. Vue 3 will use ES2015 proxies for its observation mechanism. Its speed is so fast and uses half of the memory now.

A more accurate description of Vue 3:
- No template syntax change- Significantly faster- Small breaking changes with minimal impact on typical template-centric usage- An opt-in new API if you need better TypeScript support and advanced logic composition.

What's New in Vue-Styleguidist 3.0?
The Vue-Styleguidist is a powerful tool that helps you to develop your apps components in a controlled environment. The new version ships with several new features and this article explains them all.

The Added new features in Vue-Styleguidist 3.0-
1.      Automatic type detection when using TypeScript and Flow
2.      Class-style component declarations
3.      Also Several quality of live improvement

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