AWS Amazon Interview Questions and Answers

What Is AWS?
The AWS stands for Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is provided by the Amazon that uses distributed IT infrastructure to provide different IT resources available on demand.

It also provides different services such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS).

Amazon launched AWS, a cloud computing platform to allow the different organizations to take advantage of reliable IT infrastructure.

Why Uses of Amazon Web Services (AWS)?
1.      The Free Tier
2.      Performance
3.      Deployment Speed
4.      Secure

What Are the Benefits of electing AWS?
1.      Easy to use
2.      Flexible
3.      Cost-Effective
4.      Reliable
5.      Scalable and high-performance
6.      Secure and Keep All Your Data Safe

Is Amazon Web Services (AWS) free?
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace offers free and paid software products that run on the AWS Free Tier.

If you qualify for the AWS Free Tier, you can use these products on an Amazon EC2 t2.micro instance for up to 750 hours per month and pay no additional charges for the Amazon EC2 instance during the 12 months.

Is Azure Better than AWS?
It is very difficult to make accurate predictions about the fortunes of Azure versus AWS. In certain circumstances, yes!

Is it possible to scale an Amazon instance vertically?
Yes, it is possible. Just stop the server and then change its instance type and again start server.

Is it possible to vertically scale on an Amazon Instance?
Yes! Using below steps:

  • Spin up a larger Amazon instance than the existing one.
  • Pause the existing instance to remove the root ebs volume from the server and discard.
  • Stop the live running instance and detach its root volume.
  • Make a note of the unique device ID and attach that root volume to the new server.
  • Start the instance again.

What Services does AWS offer?
How many services does AWS provide?
What Are different AWS services?

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products:
1.      Analytics
2.      Compute
3.      Databases
4.      IoT
5.      Storage
6.      Networking
7.      Mobile
8.      Developer tools
9.      Management tools
10. Security

What Are the various layers Name of Cloud Computing?
The list of cloud computing layers:-
1.      PaaS – Platform as a Service
2.      IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
3.      SaaS – Software as a Service

What Are the various layers Name of the Cloud Architecture?
The List of layers of the Cloud Architecture is:
1.      CC- Cluster Controller
2.      SC- Storage Controller
3.      CLC- Cloud Controller
4.      Walrus
5.      NC- Node Controller

What Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of compute power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Cloud computing helps us to move faster, lower IT costs, and scale.

What Are the differences between Azure and AWS?
AWS has the widest range of features. But they require more management than others.
Azure has helped many enterprises as it platform such as PaaS.

Azure cloud security is divided into five layers such as data, application, host, network, and physical.

AWS and Azure are subsets in terms of Cloud computing. Both are used to build and host applications.

Microsoft Azure has a deeper range of features for selective categories such as PaaS and IaaS.

Microsoft Azure offers various services such as:
1.      Controlling and managing user access and identity
2.      Securing Networks
3.      Encrypting operation and communication process
4.      Managing Threats

What Are the key components of AWS?
The Key components of AWS is -
1.      Route53
2.      Simple Storage Service
3.      Elastic Compute Cloud
4.      CloudWatch
5.      Simple Email Service
6.      Identity and Access Management
7.      Elastic Block Store

How much does it cost to use AWS?
The AWS Hosting cost could be around $20 – $30 USD per month.

What Is the total number of buckets that can be created in AWS by default?
100 buckets can be created in each of the AWS accounts. If additional buckets are required, increase the bucket limit by submitting a service limit increase.

Does AWS provide PaaS?
EC2 IaaS and PaaS both are Cloud Services.

What Are the Available server locations?
1.      Montreal (Canada)
2.      Ireland (Europe)
3.      Frankfurt (Europe)
4.      London (Europe)
5.      Singapore (Asia-Pacific)
6.      Sydney (Australia)
7.      Ohio, Northern Virginia, Oregon, Northern California (US)
8.      Tokyo (Japan)
9.      Seoul (South Korea)
10. Mumbai (India)
11. Sao Paulo (Brazil)

What Is DynamoDB?
The fast and flexible NoSQL database with a flexible data-model and reliable performance then DynamoDB is the service from AWS.

What Is the boot time for an instance store backed instance?
The boot time for an Amazon Instance Store -Backed AMI is usually less than 5 minutes.

Is it possible to cast-off S3 with EC2 instances?
Yes! It is possible using root approaches backed by native occurrence storage.

How can you send request to Amazon S3?
Using the REST API or the AWS SDK wrapper libraries which wrap the underlying Amazon S3 REST APIs

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