Google AdWords Interview Questions and Answers

What Is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where the keywords go through a bidding process.

The advertisers pay for below services i.e.
1.      For Advertisements
2.      For Service Offerings
3.      Product Listings
4.      Video Content
5.      Generate mobile application
6.      Installs within the Google ad network to web users
Google AdWords work using a bidding system to determine ad placement where the business pays per each click on their Ads.

Google AdWords will show your text Ads when it matches your keyword you had added.

Why Google AdWords Is Important To Your Business?
The Traffic that comes to your site by using the Paid Ads is generally more valuable than traffic that reaches you through organic search.

How Google AdWords Work?
Google Adwords will work on a bidding system if you Bid Higher Price Than your competitor you will show on top of the Google Page.

What Is The Character Limit for AdWords Ads?
The Character Limit for AdWords Ads is -
1.      Headline 1 – 30 characters
2.      Headline 2 – 30 characters
3.      Description Line – 80 characters

Why You Use Google AdWords?
Generally, Google AdWords traffic more valuable than the organic search traffic because the traffic is generated through pay per click those people knows what they are clicking at and what they want to buy.

What Is Meant by Ad Rank?
The Ad rank is your position on the Google page and is determined by Quality Score.
The Ad rank basically determines the position of your add on Google page and it is determined by one’s bid for the keyword.

What Is Quality Score?
The Quality Score is an AdWords metric, rating given by Google based on the relevancy of keywords (each keyword on a scale of 1 through 10) used and the PPC ad design.

The Quality Score is based on the multiple factors like -
1.      CTR - Click through Rate
2.      Keyword Relevance
3.      Landing Page Quality and Relevance
4.      Ads Text Relevance
5.      Performance of Previous Ads

What Is Google CTR and How Is Calculated?
The Google Ads CTR is the click/percentage of visitors who visited the ads on your web page.
To calculate CTR one can use the formula -

CTR = Total number of clicks/ (Total number of impressions) X (100)

What Is The Difference Between Clicks and Impression?
Every time a user views the Ad that is called an impression while a click is considered when the user clicks on the Ad.

We are calculating the CTR, using the total number of Ads clicks and total number of Ads Impression i.e.

CTR = Total number of clicks/ (Total number of impressions) X (100)

What Are The Targeting Options In Display Ads?
The Targeting Options for Displaying Ads as following -
1.      Keywords
2.      Demographics
3.      Interests and topics
4.      Placements
5.      Auto and manual

What Should Be The Ideal Quality Score for AdWords?
The Google benchmarked 5 and above as the ideal quality scores for best results.

What Are The Targeting Options In Search Network Ads?

The Following targeting options are -
1.      Keywords
2.      Demographics
3.      Interests and topics
4.      Placements

Why Do You Think PPC Is An Important In Digital Marketing?
PPC is important in digital marketing for the following reasons -
1.      You can reach the right customer at the right time
2.      PPC shows results quickly as compared to organic campaigns
3.      PPC can be effective in advertising odd products which are difficult to find easily

Should PPC Be Used By Big Brands Only?
No! Anyone can use. Most of all depends on finding the relevant, targeted, high-intent keyword.

Which Settings Can’t Be Changed After Creating an AdWords Account?
The Time zone and currency can't be changed after creating an AdWords account.

What Is The Use of Conversion Optimizer?
The Conversion Optimizer is a tool which manages the bids at the keyword level and decides that which clicks on the Ad will be valuable, leading to higher ROI (Return-On-Investment).

What Is Ad Rotation?
When multiple ads rotation within an Ad group, the Ads will rotate as only one ad at a time can be shown from a single account.

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