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Facebook Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

How You Are Using Facebook For Marketing?
The Facebook is the most popular social media platform and billions of people using Facebook worldwide.

Using this social media platform to connect and interact with your audience, and to share your content in a way that encourages your fans.
 What Are The Ways To Facebook Reach?
How Can You Boost Facebook Reach?
The Facebook is most popular social media platform.
We can boost/ increase the fb reach of a post by following points.
1.      Buy some Ads
2.      Keep building your own Email list and Website
3.      Improve your Facebook Edge-Rank
4.      Avoid using third-party marketing tools
5.      Get your likes up
6.      Improve Edge Rank of Facebook
7.      Keep building your Email list and Websites

What Are The Tips to Improve Your Facebook Edgerank?
The following tips to Improve Your Facebook Edgerank -
1.      Post Daily with Photos and Videos it can attract more users
2.      Be Relevant and Not Pushy
3.      Keep it short
4.      Find the best times for your audience
5.      And so on

What Are The Social Media Success Tracking Tools?
It is very important to track the social media success to know, you are on the right track or not. If not, try to improve it.

Can I Send Fans A Private Message? Is It Good for You?
Yes! You can send fans a private message only if you enable the Message button and they send you a message first.

How Do I Enable Ratings And Reviews?
By default, reviews and star ratings are displayed on you page. If you want you can enable or disable reviews and star ratings.

Can I See Who Has Checked Into My Location?
No! Not Yet. It may be in future.

Can I See Who My Fans Are?
Yes! The page admins, editors, and moderators can see the fans.

Can I Change My Url?
Yes! You can change this page/address only one time.
Example, it looks like -

Can I Change My Page Name?
Yes! You can. It is an easy process. Just follow below steps -
1.      Click on about tab
2.      Click on Page Info
3.      Go to Name section and click Edit on the right side
4.      Now enter a new name as per you and click Save Changes

How Do I Merge Pages?
It is very simple, go to general setting and the go to directly at , In the last, apply the Save Changes.
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