Advantages Ionic Frameworks

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ionic Frameworks?

The Advantages of Ionic Framework -
1.      Ionic framework is an open- source free platform
2.      Code once, run on all mobile devices
3.      One programming language for all mobile OS
4.      One source for all the supported platforms (mainly Android and OSX)
5.      Main development in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
6.      Ionic uses Angular as the basic framework which could be used to diversify into web applications as well.
7.      Good availability of "plug-in", If you are hiring someone to build your app you'll reduce costs.

The Disadvantages of Ionic Framework -
1.      Possible performance issues depending on application type. But alternatives to PhoneGap do exist
2.      Security issue - Ionic applications may not be as secure as the native applications.
3.      Need for specialists, JS can be tricky to learn for new guys
4.      If you don't like Angular,  you don't use it
5.      Early adopter risk. This technology is still in its infancy. Support keeps changing, standards keep changing, and libraries can be completely rewritten at any time
6.      The native Java SDK integration in the JavaScript is a pain too

Is the Ionic Framework Responsive?
Yes!, Ionic framework is quick, smooth and responsive.

The Ionic Framework offers developers a responsive grid similar to that of something like Bootstrap (CSS Frameworks).

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