Xamarin Interview Questions and Answers

1.       What Is Xamarin?
2.      Difference between Xamarin.Forms & Xamarin Native?
3.      What is Xamarin.Forms and what are the benefits of using it?
4.      Which Languages are supported for Xamarin development?
5.      What is the basic architecture of Xamarin.Forms project?
6.      What is the project structure of Xamarin.Forms?
7.      How many ways can we share the code?
8.      What is the difference between PCL & Shared Project?
9.      What is App.cs class?
10.   Explain Lifecycle methods of Xamarin.Forms app.
11.    What is the purpose of XAML Compiler (XAMLC)?
12.   What is XAML namespace declaration?
13.   What is XAML Markup Extensions?
14.   How many types of different XAML Markup Extensions do you know?
15.   What is ResourceDictionary?
16.   When would you use the NavigationPage as a MainPage?
17.   What is the purpose of InitializeComponent() method in Page?
18.   What are the different kinds of Pages in Xamarin.Forms?
19.   How will you navigate from one page to another?
20.  Can we access Navigation property in ViewModel?
21.   So, how do we perform navigation from ViewModel?
22.  How many LayoutOptions do we have?
23.  What are the layout controls available in Xamarin.Forms?
24.  So, what is the special meaning with "AndExpand" Suffix with each LayoutOptions?
25.  What is the difference between Margin and Padding properties?
26.  What is the Type of Margin and Padding Properties?
27.  How to add / draw a separator line between two controls?
28.  Which best practices to follow while designing the XAML Page?
29.  What is Views?
30.  What is is the difference between ListView & TableView?
31.   How to increase the ListView performance?
32.  What is ViewCell and How many types of built-in Cells are available?
33.  Why do we need to create a Custom ViewCell?
34.  How to render different types of ViewCell in the same ListView during runtime?
35.  How to draw rectangle in Xamarin.Forms?
36.  How to store simple Key-Value data?
37.  What is difference between Margin & Padding property?
38.  What is difference between Entry and EntryCell in Xamarin.Forms?
39.  What is Behaviors and give some examples where we should use Behaviors?
40. How to Bind View's event with Command?
41.   Can we bind a Command on Image tap?
42.  How to display alert in Xamarin.Forms?
43.  What is difference between DisplayAlert and DisplayActionSheet?
44. What is Custom Renderers and what is its purpose?
45.  What is Effects and When should we use it over Custom Renderers?
46. What is difference between ControlTemplate & DataTemplate?
47.  What are Triggers? How many types of Triggers are available?
48. How to display static HTML string in Xamarin.Forms?
49. What is DependencyService? Describe steps for the implementation.
50.  How do we provide Platform specific styling or values in XAML?
51.   How to perform Binding in Code Behind?
52.  What is View-to-View Binding?
53.  How many ways you can Bind a ViewModel with XAML?
54.  Is there any benefit in binding a ViewModel in backend .cs file?
55.  Can we really declare Parametrized ViewModel instance as BindingContext in XAML?
56.  How many ways we can Bind data?
57.  What is the purpose of INotifyPropertyChanged?
58.  What is MessagingCenter?
59.  So, what is the difference between MessagingCenter and Events?
60. How to call a specific method for some specific Platform only?
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