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Angular 7

What Is Drag & Drop feature in Angular 7?

Now in Angular 7, CDK us to supports Drag &Drop, which includes these nifty features -Automatic rendering as a user moves items.

To work with Drag & Drop with Handle and Sorting, we need to install the Angular CDK package to import the DragDropModule module.

Install the module using NPM - npm install @angular/[email protected]

Helper methods for reordering or transferring items in lists and looks like.
1.      moveItemInArray
2.      transferArrayItem

For Drag and Drop options i.e.
1.      Basic Drag and Drop
2.      Drag and Drop with custom Drag Handle
3.      Drag and Drop with Sorting
4.      Transfer items between the lists
5.      Drag and Drop with different Orientation

6.      Locking with axis

For more detail with example, go to this link...


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