What's new in SQL Server 2019?

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1.      Added Big Data Clusters - We can Deploy a Big Data cluster with SQL and Spark Linux and we can access big data from HDFS
2.      Now, support for persistent memory devices
3.      Now, support for column-store statistics in DBCC CLONEDATABASE
4.      Now added new Poly-base connectors
5.      Now certificate management in SQL Server Configuration Manager - SSL and TLS certificates are widely used to secure access to SQL Server instances
6.      Added UTF-8 support Database engine, SQL Graph features and Intelligent query processing
7.      The latest SSMS version supports choice of UTF-8 enabled collations in the UI.
8.      Added a new options - sp_estimate_data_compression_savings
9.      Added a new system function - sys.dm_db_page_info and it used for returns page information

Added some new system objects -
                    i.            sys.sp_xa_recover
                  ii.            sys.sp_xa_rollback
                iii.            sys.sp_xa_rollback_ex
                iv.            sys.sp_xa_start
                  v.            sys.xp_copy_file
                vi.            sys.xp_copy_files
              vii.            sys.xp_delete_files
            viii.            sys.sp_add_feature_restriction
                 ix.            sys.sp_autoindex_cancel_dta
                   x.            sys.sp_xa_commit
                 xi.            sys.sp_xa_end
               xii.            sys.sp_xa_forget
             xiii.            sys.sp_xa_forget_ex
             xiv.            sys.sp_xa_init
               xv.            sys.sp_xa_init_ex
             xvi.            sys.sp_autoindex_invoke_dta
           xvii.            sys.sp_cloud_update_blob_tier
         xviii.            sys.sp_configure_automatic_tuning
             xix.            sys.sp_diagnostic_showplan_log_dbid
               xx.            sys.sp_change_repl_serverport
             xxi.            sys.sp_getdistributorplatform
           xxii.            sys.sp_MSget_server_portinfo
         xxiii.            And manymore items are added

Added some new tables and views and its looks like -
                    I.            sys._trusted_assemblies
                  II.            sys.persistent_version_store
                III.            sys.dm_tran_aborted_transactions
                IV.            sys.tbl_server_resource_stats
                  V.            sys.dm_hadr_ag_threads
                VI.            sys.dm_hadr_db_threads
              VII.            sys.dm_os_job_object
            VIII.            sys.edge_constraint_clauses
                IX.            sys.persistent_version_store_long_term

Added some new functions and its looks like -
                    I.            sys.fn_getproviderstring
                  II.            sys.fn_dbslog
                III.            sys.dm_db_page_info

What’s New in sp_Configure  and sys.configurations Options?
The SQL Server 2019 is added three new options in sp_configure and sys.configurations-

1.      Allow file System Enumeration - By defaults is one (1), can be 0 or 1.
2.      Poly-base Enabled - By defaults is zero (0), can be 0 or 1
3.      Column Encryption Enclave Type - By defaults is zero (0), can be 0 or 1

What’s New in SQL Server 2019 in sys.tables?

Now, let’s try to explore to SQL Server 2019 - Reference link

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