<option value="? undefined:undefined ?" selected="selected"></option>

< option value="? undefined:undefined ?" selected="selected" >

Why does AngularJS include an empty option in select?
Adding ng-model to predefined Select element adds undefined option -

AngularJs overrides the "selected" property when we bind the select to a model. If we inspect the rendered DOM we will find that a new item has been added i.e.

 <option value="? undefined: undefined ?"></option>

I think ?undefined:undefined ? should not be set as value. When a user choose nothing they ? undefined: undefined ? will be submitted as value.

You could just initialize it using ng-init such as in the below examples.

Defining that model in the controller -

    var myApp = angular.module('myApp', [])
        .controller('MyCtrl', ['$scope', function ($scope) {
            $scope.selectedOption = 1;

And other example is -
<div ng-init="selectedOption=1">#TODO</div>

And it looks like -
<select ng-model="selectedOption" required="required" ng-init="selectedOption='1'"
        ng-options="option.value as option.name for option in typeOptions"></select>

Other one example is -
<select ng-model="selectedOption" required="required"
        ng-options="option.value as option.name for option in typeOptions">

    <option style="display:none" value="">select a type</option>

Other one example is -
<select ng-options="option.value as option.name for option in typeOptions">
    <option value="" ng-if="false"></option>

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