Angular 5 vs Angular 6

Angular 6 CRUD Example Tutorials from Scratch

Off-course! Angular 6 being smaller, faster and easier to use and it will making developers life easierRecently Angular 6.0.2 is released.

The Angular Team are working on lots of bug fixes, new features and added/update/remove/ re-introduce/ and may more things.

Let’s start to explore all changes of Angular 6 step by step!
1.      Added ng update
2.      Angular 6 uses RxJS 6
3.      RxJS 6 Changes - Changed Operator Usage
4.      CLI update and added a new project config file
5.      The <template> deprecated, Now Angular 6 introduce <ng-template>
6.      Angular 6 introduces Angular Elements
7.      Angular 6 introduces new Ivy Renderer
8.      Angular 6 Renamed Operators
9.      Angular 6 introduces multiple validators for array method of FormBuilder
10.  And many more…

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Angular 6 CRUD Example Tutorials from Scratch
1.      Install Angular 6 using Angular CLI.
2.      Create three components.
3.      Configure the routing.
4.      Add Bootstrap CSS.
5.      Make a form in create a component file.
6.      Configure HttpClientModule.
7.      Create services to send http requests.
8.      Configure Node.js backend.
9.      Create Express routes for our application.
10.  Add ReactiveFormsModule at the Angular.
11.  Display the data to the frontend.
12.  Edit and Update the Data.

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