Starting Ionic 3 CLI Angular 4 Apps

Starting Angular 4 Apps using Ionic 3 CLI Commands

For starting a new app using Ionic! Use your command line and run below command-
-        ionic start myApp tutorial

start - will tell the CLI create a new app.
myApp - will be the directory name and the app name from your project.
tutorial - will be the starter template for your project.

Stayed Informed Angular 4 Documents and Ionic 3 CLI Angular 4

For new guys, Ionic has a few default templates -
1.     tabs - a simple 3 tab layout
2.     sidemenu - a layout with a toggle menu on the side
3.     blank - a bare starter with a single page
4.     super - starter project with over 14 ready to use page designs
5.     tutorial - a guided starter project

Viewing the Angular 4 Apps in a Browser Using Ionic 3 CLI

Now, you can cd into the folder that was created. To get a quick preview of your app in the browser using the serve command
o   myApp
o   ionic serve

Result looks like -


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