Installing Ionic Framework

Ionic 3 CLI and Angular 4 - Setup and Build Mobile Apps!

Ionic 3 and Angular 4 Frameworks
The Ionic Framework is use for building high-quality mobile apps using the CLI and Cordova. I hope you love.

What is the Ionic CLI?
The CLI, or command line interface, is a tool that provides a number of helpful commands to Ionic + Angular developers.

Table of Contents
-        Installing Ionic Framework
o   MPM
o   Ionic CLI and Cordova
-        Start an App

-        Run your App

Step 1 - Installing Ionic Framework
The Ionic apps are created and developed by using the Ionic command line utility (the “CLI”) and use Cordova to build and deploy the native app.

Before start the developed of Ionic apps, we need to install some utilities. Ionic is built on top of Cordova, a framework that enables development for cross platforms apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

MPM - npm is the package manager for node.js. It allows us to install, share, and package node modules.
   -  Download npm is the package manager

Ionic CLI and Cordova - Before create the Ionic projects, we will need to install the latest version of the CLI, Cordova and latest version of Node.js.

After finished latest version of Node.js Installer, we install the Ionic CLI and Cordova for native app development using the commands to install the utilities globally.

For Windows -
npm install -g ionic cordova

For Mac - use “sudo” depending on your system configuration
sudo npm install -g cordova ionic

Step 2 - Start an App
Once installed the globally utilities, create your first Ionic app using the commands.
ionic start myApp sidemenu

That is the syntax for a new project in Ionic. 
o   myApp - will be the directory name and the app name from your project.

o   sidemenu - ionic start myApp sidemenu. This is starter template for your project.

The myApp is any name of your choice and sidemenu is one of the Ionic supported template. The app-name and template name is decided by you as per your requirements.
Ionic Framework, default supported template -
1.     blank - ionic start myApp blank
2.     tabs - ionic start myApp tabs
3.     sidemenu - ionic start myApp sidemenu
4.     super -    Starter project with over 14 ready to use page designs
5.     tutorial - A guided starter project

Step 3 -Run your App
For viewing the app in a browser, we need to run below command
cd myApp

ionic serve

Platform Guides and References -
For iOS developers - Try Cordova iOS Platform Guide
For Android developers - Try Cordova Android Platform Guide

When you're ready to deploy your app to a real device, check out Deploying guide.

Stayed Informed Angular 4 Documents and Ionic 3 CLI Angular 4

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