Installing Ionic Framework

Ionic 3 CLI and Angular 4 Commands

List of Useful Ionic Commands

The commands and its description
1.     start-  This command is used to create a new project
2.     generate-  This command is used to generate pipes, components, pages, directives, providers and tabs
3.     serve- This command is used to start a local dev server for app dev/testing
4.     build - This command is used to Build web assets and prepare your app for any platform targets
5.     docs - This command is used to Open the Ionic documentation website
6.     info - This command is used to Print system/environment info
7.     link- This command is used to Connect your local app to Ionic
8.     login- This command is used to Login with your Ionic ID
9.     signup - This command is used to Create an Ionic account
10.  telemetry-  This command is used to Opt in and out of telemetry
11.  upload- This command is used to Upload a new snapshot of your app
12.  config get- This command is used to Print config values
13.  config set- This command is used to Set config values
14.  cordova build- This command is used to Build an Ionic project for a given platform
15.  cordova compile- This command is used to compile native platform code
16.  cordova emulate- This command is used to Emulate an Ionic project on a simulator or emulator
17.  cordova platform- This command is used to Manage Cordova platform targets
18.  cordova plugin - This command is used to Manage Cordova plugins
19.  cordova prepare - This command is used to Copies assets to Cordova platforms, preparing them for native builds
20.  cordova resources - This command is used to Automatically create icon and splash screen resources
21.  package build- This command is used to Start a package build
22.  package download- This command is used to Download your packaged app
23.  package list - This command is used to List your cloud builds
24.  package info - This command is used to Get info about a build
25.  cordova run - This command is used to Run an Ionic project on a connected device

Stayed Informed Angular 4 Documents and Ionic 3 CLI Angular 4

The Global and Project Command -

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