Generating New Pages in Angular 4 Ionic 3 CLI

Generating New Pages Ionic 3 CLI Commands

Ionic 3 CLI Commands For Angular 4 Projects

1.     Pipes,
2.     Components,
3.     Directives,
4.     Providers and
5.     Tabs

-        ionic generate [<pipes>] [<pipes-name>]
-        ionic generate [<components>] [<components-name>]
-        ionic generate [<directives>] [<directives-name>]
-        ionic generate [<providers>] [<providers-name>]
-        ionic generate [<tabs>] [<tabs-name>]

Example –
-        ionic generate component
-        ionic generate directive
-        ionic generate page
-        ionic generate pipe
-        ionic generate provider
-        ionic generate tabs
-        ionic generate component demoApp
-        ionic generate page Login
-        ionic generate page register --no-module
-        ionic generate page users --constants
-        ionic generate pipe MyCustomPipe

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